Sleep deeper. Without medication.

In the frame of a close collaboration between ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and Zurich University Hospitals, a mobile technology has been developed since 2016 to monitor and modulate sleep depth. The interdisciplinary research program SleepLoop got supported by the University Medicine Zurich as Flagship Project 2017. In three years of hardware and software development, a configurable miniaturized mobile system was created and validated, enabling sleep recordings and sleep deepening in healthy young and elderly people at home.
For researchers, the mobile system offers a flexible alternative to complex and expensive laboratory-based systems. For clinicians, this technology opens the door to cost-effective long-term sleep recording and intervention in patients, as well as the assessment and validation of new diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

This technology makes it possible to treat sleep-related diseases and improve the quality of life and performance of the users.

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