NEW: Sleep Enhancement Project

Thanks to a generous donation by a private person a very ambitious project combining various disciplines will be launched at both the University of Zurich and the ETH. Engineers and motor scientists from the ETH (Professor Walter Karlen, Professor Nicole Wenderoth), Neuroscientists from the University (Professor Reto Huber), Clinicians from the University Hospital (Professor Christian Baumann, PD Philipp Valko) and neuroeconomists from the University (Professor Helga Fehr-Duda, Professor Ernst Fehr) jointly develop a strategy for sleep enhancement and test according impacts with healthy as well as with sick individuals. The project will start this spring 2016.


Sleep Enhancement Initiative

The foundation supports neuroscientific research, in particular translational projects, and manages own projects in close collaboration with university groups.

The Sleep Enhancement Initiative aims at using particular features of sleep for the healthy as well as diseased brain. To this end, it will combine the latest scientific insights with state-of-the-art methodological approaches. For the support of the initiative the Swiss Brain Foundation collaborates closely with the Clinical Research Priority Program (CRPP) “Sleep and Health” of the University of Zurich in order to unite scientific excellence and a strong network. The foundation and the CRPP "Sleep and Health" share the vision of a fast translation of cutting-edge research into health care, prevention strategies, and life style. Together with other partners, a Swiss Brain House will be established in which, inter alia, sleep enhancement strategies shall be made widely available.