About the Foundation

The Swiss Brain Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt foundation under Swiss law which falls under the supervision of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (Bern). The Foundation originates from the insight that close, targeted collaboration between basic and clinical researchers can lead to the rapid transfer of research results into applications for the benefit of patients and healthy individuals.
The Foundation aims at promoting research in all areas of neurological and neuroscientific research with a focus on Parkinson's disease and sleep-wake disorders. The Foundation allocates funding to university research groups in Switzerland.
Furthermore, the Swiss Brain Foundation supports the development and distribution of teaching materials in the field of neurology, as well as the organization of continuing education events, the communication of research results to the media and the public, and the networking of academic research groups worldwide with each other and with strategic partners in the industry and politics.

Office und Foundation Board

The Office is responsible for the operational activities of the Foundation and for the relations with our donors, and constitutes the interface between the Foundation Board and the researchers. Our Foundation Board is responsible for the strategic orientation of the Foundation's activities.

The board

Prof. Christian Baumann, MD
Founder and President
Neurologist, Sub-specializations: Parkinson’s Disease and Sleep Medicine

Dr. Ellen Ringier
Publisher and Lawyer
President of the Foundation Eltern Sein

Parviz Khakshouri
Board Member

Dr. Jurij Benn
Board Member