Funding Areas

The Swiss Brain Foundation supports university research projects in all areas of neurology and neuroscience, focusing on Parkinson’s disease and sleep medicine.

Projects in the fields of epilepsy, stroke, concussion, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease can also be funded. Special emphasis is placed on diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic innovations - with the aim of translating basic scientific and clinical results into medical care and for society.

Furthermore, the Swiss Brain Foundation supports medical and scientific continuing education events and training tools for improving medical care and raising public awareness for neuroscience topics.


Unser Engagement für gesunden Schlaf

Die Schweizerische Hirn Stiftung fördert die Forschung zum besseren Verständnis der Schlaf-Wach-Funktionen des Menschen.
Mit dem Ziel, innovative Technologien, Behandlungs- und Therapiemethoden zu entwickeln, die den Schlaf kranker sowie gesunder Menschen verbessern.

Mehr darüber erfahren: Infoblatt Schlaf